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Moving a loved one into a care home can be a difficult decision and one that can generate lots of questions. The home manager or staff members will be happy to answer these face to face when you visit, or over the phone at any time.

Our Frequently Asked Questions below might answer some of the most common questions and help put your mind at rest.

Are there set visiting times?

No, visitors are welcome at any time from early morning to later in the evening to suit you. However we do ask people to avoid visiting at lunchtime and tea time if possible so that the staff can dedicate their time getting the residents prepared for lunch and tea and assist with feeding and supervising.

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Can I choose my own room?

We aim to provide the type of room that suits the individual wishes of the resident, although the type of room depends on availability when the Home is busy. All our rooms are single en-suite rooms and all are decorated and furnished to the same high standards

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Can I "personalise" my room?

Of course, and this is actively encouraged. Everyone feels more content with their personal possessions around them. Pictures and photographs can be hung on the walls and additional shelving can be provided for ornaments.

Where practicable, pieces of furniture will be accommodated such as a favourite chair or chest of drawers. The only exception is beds. All rooms are furnished with specialist, electric profiling beds which are fully adjustable and we also provide specialist pressure relieving mattresses which would not work on a domestic type divan bed. We must also ensure we comply with moving and handling safety guidelines - our staff change a lot of beds each day so it is important that they are not bend double changing divans that could be lower in height.

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Will I have my own bathroom?

All our bedrooms have en-suite facilities which include a toilet and hand basin as a minimum. Newly built or refurbished rooms are now fitted with fully accessible “wet rooms”. All our Homes have several large bathrooms equipped with specialist baths which enable highly dependent or disabled users to enjoy the pleasure of a bubble bath.

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Will I be allowed to smoke in my room?

No, unfortunately, for both legal and fire protection reasons you will not be allowed to smoke in your room or any of the communal areas of the Home. We have a designated smoking area outside of the building and staff will assist those who are not mobile to access the smoking area when they wish.

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What about alcohol?

With Doctors permission, yes! Many people enjoy an alcoholic drink with their meal or a nightcap and a small selection of alcoholic drinks are available. Where a resident enjoys a more regular drink, we do ask the family to provide this. Unless there is a medical reason not to, residents are able to take alcohol as they wish.

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Can I bring my pet?

Regretfully, we do not accept pets into the Home. Besides the problems of exercise and the possibility of disputes between various animals we could find ourselves “inheriting” a considerable number of assorted animals over the years.

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Is there a television in my room?

Yes, all our bedrooms have a television set. If you prefer, you can bring in your own television, or indeed other devices such as a DVD player, laptop, etc.

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Is there a telephone in my room?

Telephones are not fitted in the rooms as standard, but access to use a telephone can be provided at any time. If you wish to have a telephone installed, this can be arranged separately and any charges for installation and ongoing line rental/call charges are the responsibility of the resident/their family.

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Is my property insured?

Yes, the Home has a minimum level of contents insurance cover for the possessions of each resident. We simply ask people to be sensible about bringing valuable items in. For example high value jewellery could be left in the safe keeping of family members (with the obvious exception of wedding/engagement rings of course which are worn all the time). If the wearing of jewellery is important to the resident, we would suggest that costume jewellery is a safer alternative. We do have a small safe which can be used to store small valuables or a minimum amount of pocket money if required. Items placed in the safe are separately insured.

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Can I keep my own doctor?

If you are registered with one of the three GP practices serving the local area then, yes, you will be able to stay registered with that practice. We do not have a regular “GP” day, but we call the doctor to request a home visit whenever there is a necessity. If you are registered with a

GP further afield, you will automatically be registered with one of the practices that covers this area.

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I like to go to church, but what if I’m not well enough?

The local Churches deliver services for us. If you do practise your religion let us know on arrival and we can ensure that either your local minister, or the nearest representative of your church can be informed.

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Can I still get out and about?

Yes, of course. Depending on your mobility you are free to walk within the grounds and gardens or take a ride in a wheelchair with the support of a member of staff, or a family member. If your family or friends would like to take you out, for a meal or a shopping trip, that is fine.

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What our Clients say:

“Just a short note to thank you all for taking care of T---- with such kindness and compassion during his final weeks, and also for the welcome we always received when visiting.”

Mrs R & family

What our Clients say:

Dear Sister Dora and all the staff. Please would you accept our thanks for all the care and attention you so warmly gave to my Mother in the last few months of her life whilst in your lovely Home and this is more.

Mr & Mrs T

What our Clients say:

“I wish to thank you for the superb level of care you provided to K---- during her time at Lynhales (some 11 years). As a former nurse, I’m sure she would have appreciated it."

Mrs M

What our Clients say:

“We can’t find enough words to thank you all for everything that you did for Dad. To say it is greatly appreciated is a massive understatement and we hope that you know that we appreciated every gesture.”

Mr & Mrs M

What our Clients say:

"We wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you did to take care of Mum. She always looked lovely and seemed content in her world. We couldn't have asked for more. Please pass on our thanks to the team.”


What our Clients say:

"I would like to thank you all for your kindness and cheerfulness, and for looking after both my Mother and her visitors so well. It was really like a home from home."

Mrs S

What our Clients say:

“We appreciate all your care and the way you treat our father with such dignity and kindness. Please thank all of your staff.”

Mrs H

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