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Dorset House Celebrates Employee of the Month: A Legacy of Family Dedication and Compassion

Posted: 28-09-2023

Catering team celebrate team member winning Employee of the Month

Dorset House Care Home, a leading care facility in Droitwich Spa, took a heartwarming moment to honour one of its own, Adam Rea, in a special ceremony held in the dining room. Adam's unwavering commitment and dedication to the home over the years earned him the prestigious title of Employee of the Month.

Adam's connection to Dorset House runs deep. His mother, Alison Rea, has been a dedicated member of the Dorset House team for an impressive 25 years, serving in the catering department. As Adam grew up, he naturally became familiar with the home and its mission of providing exceptional care. During his school years, he started working part-time in the kitchen and transitioned to a full-time role upon leaving school. Remarkably, Adam remains an integral part of the Dorset House family 13 years later. 
Dorset House holds a special place in Adam's heart, not only because of his long-standing employment but also because it is where he met his future wife, Zara. Their love story blossomed within the walls of the home, leading to the joyous arrival of their daughter, Daisey, with another little one on the way.
Keeping it all in the family, Adam's sister, Sophie, also contributes her talents to Dorset House as a valued member of the housekeeping team, solidifying the sense of unity and belonging within the care home. 
The heartfelt celebration in the dining room brought together residents, staff, and families to recognise Adam's exceptional service. He was met with cheers and applause as he received the Employee of the Month award, a gesture of appreciation from the Rotherwood Group, the parent company of Dorset House, highlighting their commitment to valuing and recognising their dedicated employees.
Marion Jenkins, the Head Chef at Dorset House, shared her thoughts on Adam's contributions to the home, saying, "Adam is kind and supportive to all the residents and staff, and he always gives 100 percent. I have known Adam since he was a small boy. He is such a fantastic asset to the Dorset House team, and we truly consider ourselves a family here!"
Operated by Rotherwood Healthcare, Dorset House is known for providing award-winning Residential and Nursing Care, ensuring the wellbeing and happiness of its residents