• St George's Park Care Home in Telford
  • St George's Park Care Home in Telford
  • St George's Park Care Home in Telford
  • St George's Park Care Home in Telford

St George's Park Care Home in Telford

What can I expect from St George’s Park care home?

St George’s Park care home is a specialist dementia nursing home located in a peaceful residential area of Telford.

Here at St George’s Park care home we offer advanced dementia care, with many of our residents coming to us from care homes that are unable to support their advancing needs any longer. Our highly-trained and experienced care team provides specialist dementia care in a calm and caring environment. We understand that sometimes our residents with advanced dementia will display challenging behaviours, including aggression, and are well equipped to support this. For people with dementia, our home plays an important role in offering expert care and support for both residents and their families.


What care services are provided at St George’s Park care home?

At St George’s Park care home, we recognise that dementia care is continuously developing. Our commitment means that we are always embracing innovations and advancements in dementia care. Therefore, if one of our resident’s nursing needs increases, our team is qualified to meet these changes. We strive to ensure that our staff are always up-to-date with the best dementia care practices.

We appreciate that every resident is affected by the condition differently and will have their specific care requirements and preferences.

St George’s Park’s commitment to dementia care was recognised by becoming a finalist at the National Dementia Care Awards 2023.

Our different types of care include:

Our 24/7 nurse-led person-centred care is deeply rooted in the core values of Rotherwood.

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A message from the manager of the St George's Park care home

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Chelsie Walne


I am deeply passionate about enriching the lives of residents who call St George’s Park their home. My dedication is focused on creating a meaningful difference in their lives every day

Services provided at St George’s Park

At St George’s Park, we are dedicated to offering a range of services to enhance our residents' enjoyment during their stay. A list of these services include:

  • Laundry
  • Newspapers
  • Minibus for outings
  • Close to local shops
  • Nearby public transport
  • Gardening
  • Flexible mealtimes
  • Physiotherapy
  • Special dietary requirements
  • Designated smoking area

Facilities available at St George’s Park

As you might have seen above, at St George’s Park we’re proud of the facilities we have available to our residents. A list of these facilities includes:

  • Garden
  • Film lounge
  • Hair salon
  • En-suite bedrooms
  • Residents kitchenette
  • Summer house
  • Quiet lounge
  • Television point in own room
  • Electric profiling beds
  • Lifting and handling equipment
Inspiring an active lifestyle
Inspiring an active lifestyle
Inspiring an active lifestyle

Inspiring an active lifestyle

Residents at St George's Park always find a wealth of activities to engage in. Our dedicated team of Lifestyle Coordinators implement an array of fulfilling dementia-friendly activities both all-encompassing and tailored to suit the unique preferences of our residents.

Residents' families worry that their loved ones may become distressed during social activities or isolated and just sit watching the television. We tailor activities based on the resident’s needs, if they are overstimulated by group activities we will take residents to the garden for quiet time or play music. We make sure that residents aren’t just left watching television - that they are leading as fulfilled a lifestyle as possible.

At St George's Park, our committed Lifestyle Coordinators take special care to organise activities and entertainment specifically designed for residents living with dementia. Alongside catering to existing hobbies and interests, they arrange a diverse range of inclusive and inviting sessions, such as pamper days, regular hydration trolley services, and visits from the local scouts.

While everyone makes the most of their indoor time, the eager team is always on hand to assist residents in enjoying outdoor strolls in the gardens or arranging outings using the home minibus, whether for a visit to RAF Cosford or the local lake.

Fostering community connections is a crucial part of life at St George's Park, with residents, staff, family, and friends actively participating in various local celebrations and charity events.

Download a sample of our lifestyle programme

Explore the diverse activities available at St George's Park nursing home:

  • Crafting
  • Visiting Performers
  • Quizzes
  • Gardening club
  • Chit chat club
  • Sensory stimulation
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Enticing dining experiences at St George’s Park

Dining at St George’s Park is a uniquely tailored experience, exclusively designed for residents with dementia. Our residents are empowered to choose how, where, and when they would like to enjoy their meals, ensuring that mealtimes are not only pleasurable but also thoughtfully accommodating to their specific needs.

Whether residents decide to stay in their own room, gather with friends and family in the dining room, or even opt for a more dynamic 'on-the-go' dining experience, our dedicated staff ensures their preferences are catered to. Every individual need is met with care to guarantee a tasty and nutritious meal. Even when smaller portions are necessary, we fortify them, ensuring no nutritional goodness is lost—a detail we consider immensely important in providing a thoughtful and enjoyable dining experience for our residents with dementia.

Download our sample menu