• Two healthcare workers assist an older lady walking in a garden.
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Understanding our values: The heart of Rotherwood home

Rotherwood is committed to providing a new standard in healthcare

We provide safe, luxury care homes and nursing homes to enrich the lives of our older generations. Our purpose is to minimise loneliness by creating safe and luxurious environments. We believe everyone who comes to live with us should feel welcomed and completely at home. As one of our valued residents, you can keep your personal belongings with you, enjoy whatever you want to do, and be cared for by our dedicated team because you need it and deserve it.

Our people are at the heart of our success. We always have our residents’ best interest interests at heart, and we want your experiences to be stress free. Our team come from a variety of backgrounds and bring a range of different skills and experience. But they share one common factor: a passion for delivering wonderful work and a commitment to care excellence. Working together, our focus is on maintaining a new standard in healthcare.

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Rotherwood Values Tree, highlighting their core values

Our person-centred approach to care means that we are Committed, Caring, Compassionate, Polite, Passionate, Kind and Respectful. As a company and as people, we never lose sight of these core values.


Four Cornerstones

The four cornerstones of our service: exceptional care, luxurious surroundings, enticing dining, and inspiring activities are what define a Rotherwood home. We focus on creating skilled teams of people that deliver outstanding care, food and nutrition, and varied lifestyle programmes in our homes. Below we can learn more about how we work everyday to uphold our values and make sure we’re creating a new standard in healthcare.

A healthcare worker hugs an older lady

Exceptional care

We consider every single one of our residents as individuals and provide whatever they specifically need, from residential support through to round-the-clock Nursing Care. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach at Rotherwood.

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An elegant dining room with round tables set for a meal, pink upholstered chairs, a chandelier, and an abstract painting on the wall

Luxurious care homes

As our loved ones get older they certainly shouldn’t have to lower their standards or expectations. In our opinion, it’s all about finding the perfect balance between luxury and practicality. At Rotherwood, we do it in style!

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An elderly lady with white hair, wearing a blue cardigan, sits at a table in the dining room and enjoys a meal

Enticing dining

Food deserves to be enjoyed, and where you enjoy it is a personal choice. Portion sizes can be reduced, consistency altered, and nutrition fortified to suit personal circumstances, but the pleasure of the dining experience is never removed.

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A lifestyle coordinator supports a resident to do art outside

Inspiring activities

Rotherwood Lifestyle Coordinators absolutely love what they do! Their imagination and enthusiasm is apparent in every session they organise, matched only by the joy and delight expressed by the residents who participate.

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