• The Oakwood Care Home in Shrewbury
  • The Oakwood Care Home in Shrewbury

The Oakwood Care Home in Shrewbury

What can I expect from The Oakwood care home?

Nestled in the suburb of Battlefield, Shrewsbury, on the outskirts of a Shropshire woodland, The Oakwood care home has been designed to embody the essence of personalised living. This purpose-built contemporary residence is set to welcome its our first guests in early 2025. Exuding comfort and luxury, the architectural aesthetics seamlessly blend with Rotherwood’s renowned excellence showcased by its our sister care homes, Roden Hall and Colwall care home.

The Oakwood will have 70 thoughtfully appointed suites, each furnished to the highest standard. Beyond these private rooms unfolds an array of experiences - from an inviting library to a relaxed café and two bars. Craft rooms will inspire creative exploration, while a bespoke hair and nail salon will invite residents to be pampered. Dining will embrace uniqueness, offering residents a personalised medley of flavours enjoyed within elegant and relaxed settings - even on the terrace, where nature and nurture will unite. Guided by dedicated Lifestyle Coordinators, a diverse range of activities tailored to individual preferences will enrich each resident's journey.


What kinds of care options are available at The Oakwood care home?

The Oakwood is an exceptional care home that will provide high-quality residential and nursing care in a luxurious and welcoming environment. Our different types of care will include:

Our friendly, compassionate staff will be on hand 24 hours, 365 days a year, professionally attending to our residents with physical disabilities, or sensory impairments, as well as those seeking residential and nursing care.

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Services available at The Oakwood

At The Oakwood, we have a range of services available for our residents, to ensure that we can make their time with us as enjoyable as possible. A list of these services include:

  • Mini Bus
  • Laundry
  • Newspapers
  • Resident choice menus
  • Nearby public transport
  • Afternoon tea
  • Day trips
  • Relatives’ meal with residents
  • Physiotherapy
  • Library service

Facilities available at The Oakwood

As you might have seen above, at The Oakwood we’re proud of the beautiful facilities we have available to our residents. A list of these facilities includes:

  • Craft and hobby room
  • Hair & nail salon
  • Theatre & cinema room
  • Balcony
  • Berrington’s Café
  • Kitchen diners
  • Family room
  • En-suite bedrooms
  • Golden Oak Pub
  • Landscaped garden
Inspiring an active lifestyle
Inspiring an active lifestyle
Inspiring an active lifestyle

Inspiring an active lifestyle

Residents at The Oakwood will never run out of activities to enjoy. Our dedicated and imaginative team of Lifestyle Coordinators ensures that the range of inspiring activities activities available is consistently inclusive and tailored to the specific preferences of our residents.

At The Oakwood, our dedicated Lifestyle Coordinators will strive to offer a diverse range of activities and entertainment. In addition to catering to existing hobbies and interests, they will organise a wide array of inclusive and inviting sessions, such as wine and cheese evenings, pamper days, flower arranging, and a cookery club.

While everyone can certainly maximises their indoor time, the enthusiastic team will also be readily available to assist residents in taking outdoor strolls in the gardens or arranging outings using the home's minibus, whether for a visit to the garden centre or a bit of shopping.

Maintaining community connections will be a vital aspect of life at The Oakwood, with residents, staff, family, and friends actively participating in numerous local celebrations and charity events.

Download a sample of our lifestyle programme

Explore the variety of activities available at The Oakwood care home:

  • Crafting
  • Visiting choirs
  • Gardening
  • Flower arranging
  • Regular outings
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Enjoyable dining experiences at The Oakwood

Dining at The Oakwood will be a personalised experience crafted to transform ordinary mealtimes into special occasions. Residents enjoy the freedom to choose when, where, and how they dine, ensuring that each meal is a source of pleasure.

Whether residents prefer the privacy of their own rooms or the company of friends and family in the dining room, our staff will be dedicated to transforming each dining experience into a delightful occasion. Regardless of individual preferences, our commitment is to provide residents with tasty and nutritious meals.

Download our sample menu