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Dorset House Resident Celebrates 100th Birthday Milestone

Posted: 02-05-2024

Elderly gentleman sits in armchair surrounded by lots of other people

Reginald Whitworth, fondly known as Reggie, marked a century of life in the warm embrace of Dorset House Nursing Home in Droitwich Spa, surrounded by fellow residents, devoted staff, and loved ones.

Born in 1924 and raised in Smethwick, Reggie's journey reflects a lifelong dedication to education and community. His early years at Smethwick Technical College laid the foundation for a fulfilling career as a lecturer at Birmingham Polytechnic. Renowned for his technical prowess and leadership as head of the engineering department, Reggie left an indelible mark on generations of students he guided and inspired.

Reggie found his lifelong partner in Audrey, whom he married in 1949. Together, they raised five children, forming a loving family that has been a source of joy and support throughout his life. Despite the demands of his profession, Reggie always made time for his passions, be it music or gardening. An active participant in church choirs like the Bournville Voice Choir, Reggie's love for music resonates at Dorset House, where he often serenades residents and guests, filling the home with melodies of joy and harmony.

The festivities began with a heartfelt serenade by the Droitwich Spa Community Choir, who honoured Reggie's milestone with a special rendition of 'Happy Birthday.' A grand surprise party followed, attended by 40 cherished family members and friends. A highlight of the celebration was a rare gathering of Reggie's children, including one who travelled from abroad, adding to the jubilant atmosphere.

Amidst laughter and shared memories, Reggie was touched to receive a birthday card from The King and Queen Consort, a poignant acknowledgement of his special day.

Reflecting on the celebration, Home Manager Karen shared: "Reggie's centennial milestone was a deeply touching moment for all of us at Dorset House. Witnessing him surrounded by loved ones and cherishing each moment was heartwarming. We're privileged to have been part of his special day."

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