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Gwen Walford Crafting For Wellbeing

Posted: 21-03-2022

Elderly lady smiles as she makes a paper flower, next to an elderly man who is painting a fox

Gwen Walford Nursing Home implements an inspiring calendar of arts and crafts activities for residents to exercise their creativity.

Resident participation in the arts is linked to improved well-being and health benefits. The ‘Gwen Walford Arts and Crafts Club’ have produced an array of imaginative creations to stimulate the creative mind and provide relaxation: from watercolour paintings to wildlife picture frames, to jewellery-making for Valentine’s Day. Residents express their identity with their choice of materials and colours, and gifting their creations gives them a sense of purpose. 
‘The Gwen Walford Elves Workshop’ was in full swing over the festive period which saw residents creating sparkly pinecone decorations and reindeer faces. The artistic activities encouraged communication, particularly for those who may have more difficulty expressing themselves. More recently, residents crafted beautiful flowers from card and tissue paper, using and maintaining key motor skills.
With large windows and plenty of natural light, Gwen Walford House provides the perfect venue for arts and crafts. Situated in picturesque leafy grounds, overlooking the banks of the River Wye – you can certainly see why residents find artistic inspiration in the Gwen Walford grounds.
According to the Lifestyle Coordinator Nicky:
“Arts and crafts activities are a favourite with residents. They enjoy trying out new things but also doing crafts which makes them reminisce. We notice that our residents’ mood is uplifted after an art session – they are happy, laughing and expressing themselves. We had great fun at the ‘Gwen Walford Elves Workshop’ over Christmas but as we approach the Spring, we’re looking forward to Easter arts and crafts, especially the Easter bonnet competition”.

Gwen Walford House provides luxury Residential and Nursing Care. Find out more about our inspiring activities, or contact us on 01432 272418.