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Herefordshire Care Homes Host Remarkable Red Nose Day Fundraiser Events

Posted: 19-03-2024

People wearing red noses, holding cakes. Two old ladies looking through a red nose frame.

Herefordshire Care Homes, Hampton Grange & Gwen Walford, Lynhales Hall, and Kington Court held marvellous Red Nose Day events on Friday, 15th March. The day was filled with enthusiasm, laughter, and generosity as staff, residents, families, and members of the community united to support Comic Relief.

Each of the homes celebrated in their unique way, hosting activities and entertainment throughout the day. From bake-offs to musical performances, there was something for everyone to enjoy. The event exemplified the spirit of inclusivity and community engagement, with guests of all ages joining the festivities.
At Lynhales Hall, staff and residents dressed in vibrant shades of red, creating a festive atmosphere throughout the home. The highlight of their celebration was a bake-off competition, with Head Housekeeper Clare emerging victorious with her culinary talents. The day also featured a mystical performance by Mr. Bamboozle, whose enchanting tricks captivated the audience and added an extra layer of magic to the event.
Meanwhile, Kington Court enjoyed a terrific performance by musician Vaughan Davies, who serenaded the home with tunes on his trumpet. Guests also participated in a lively 'Red Quiz,' testing their knowledge and adding to the excitement. Their 'Red Raffle' also proved to be a success, with 13 prizes bringing smiles to the faces of lucky winners. Nursing staff member Maisie was crowned best-dressed. 
Hampton Grange and Gwen Walford held a successful bake sale featuring tantalising treats curated by the talented Kitchen Team. The highlight was the fantastic performance by former The Voice UK contestant Andrew Marc, whose mesmerising voice filled the air with music and joy.
Cheryl Walne, Regional Manager at Rotherwood, expressed her delight at the success of the Red Nose Day events, stating, "We're thrilled with the turnout and generosity shown by all who participated in our Red Nose Day celebrations. It's heart-warming to see our community come together for such a worthy cause."

Hampton Grange & Gwen Walford, Kington Court, and Lynhales Hall are renowned for providing award-winning Residential, Nursing, and Specialist Dementia Care across Herefordshire.
For more details about the Red Nose Day event and upcoming community initiatives at your nearest care home, please visit Rotherwood Healthcare or contact 0808 175 6408.