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Lynhales Hall Parties for Her Majesty

Posted: 06-06-2022

Lifestyle Coordinator serves a resident an ice cream cone

The Lynhales Hall Jubilee party was an action-packed day for residents and families in the sunshine.

The Jubilee event took place on 3rd June with the Lynhales Hall grounds adorned with union jacks and ribbons as residents proudly wore union jack hats. Lifestyle Coordinator, Mary Eyles, was on ice-cream duty, ensuring that everyone had a cone in hand. Residents had prepared a fantastic display of photographs and press clippings of the Queen throughout her reign, evoking nostalgia. With plenty of games to be played, including hook-a-duck, you can certainly see why residents had an action-filled day.

Thank you to all those that attended. It was a truly special occasion uniting residents with their family members to celebrate the Monarch.