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Residents Enjoying St George's Local Surroundings

Posted: 29-06-2022

Elderly people and healthcare workers sit on a bench at a park whilst admiring the view across a lake

Residents at St George's Park have been getting their steps in by walking to the local duck pond.

St George's Park is conveniently located in a peaceful residential area within reach of quaint surroundings including Priorslee Lake. You can certainly see why residents and staff members are eager to visit the lake on their weekly walk to enjoy a spot of fresh air and feed the ducks. 

The beautiful June weather has had the eager walkers visiting the pond even more frequently, especially after seeing some fluffy ducklings. The St George's Kitchen Team won't let residents leave empty handed without a loaf of bread for the ducks, but it seems the ducks aren't the only ones enjoying the bread, as resident Peter says "I'll have a slice if they have a slice".