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Roden Hall Bids Farewell to High Ercall Primary School Class of 2023

Posted: 07-06-2023

Groups of children stood infront of reception desk and engaging with care home residents.

Heartfelt goodbyes were exchanged as the residents at Roden Hall Care Home bid farewell to the class of 2023 from local High Ercall Primary School.

The children, aged between 3 and 4, have been attending the care home on a weekly basis for intergenerational activities. With just two children from the class set to return next academic year, the care home residents especially cherished the moments spent with the children during their last school year visit. 
As we reflect on the unique bond between the older residents and the young children, it seems the benefits extend beyond entertainment. In an era where children are often entertained with technology, the connections shared between the youngsters and the residents has proven to be invaluable. Shared activities such as drawing pictures and creating ‘thank you cards’ has brought joy and provided a sense of purpose for both young and old. 
Among the memories created, stories shared by children Hugo and Rupert captivated the attention of residents Alex, Sylvia, and Jennifer, creating a bridge between the generations through storytelling. As the children told their tales, the older residents relived their own childhood memories. 
Resident Harold was profoundly touched by the artwork gifted to him by the children, while Frank, who is especially gifted with children, could be seen laughing and playing with the youngsters, showing that age is no barrier to friendship. 
The link between Roden Hall Care Home and High Ercall Primary School is a shining example of the positive impact intergenerational activities bring. For the children, these interactions have fostered empathy, care and appreciation for older people, while the residents have found a renewed sense of purpose and joy. Bringing the children to the care home provides a far more powerful lesson than what could be taught within a classroom. The residents look forward to welcoming the new class in the new academic year.
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