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Staff Showcase Baking Prowess in Rotherwood Bake-Off

Posted: 28-11-2023

Groups of people stood in front of a table with baked goods displayed

To pay homage to the beloved Great British Bake Off currently gracing our TV screens, the Home Support Centre staff embarked on a delightful detour from their everyday routines. They recently curated their own 'Great Rotherwood Bake Off' competition, adorning their aprons and showcasing their culinary talents.

In an event filled with competition and confectionery, Chief Finance Officer, Tom Hutton and Chief Operating Officer, Vicky Craddock assumed the roles of Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood, critiquing an array of delectable treats crafted by the talented staff bakers.
The competition featured a mouthwatering array of desserts, including indulgent brownies, Biscoff cheesecake, moist chocolate cakes, a luscious Limoncello sponge, crunchy cookies, and more. The bakers and their creations were judged based on texture, taste, and presentation, challenging participants to bring their very best to the competition.
After a fierce yet friendly competition, Nicola, Recruitment and HR Assistant, emerged victorious, claiming the coveted first-place title with her exceptional chocolate and coffee strawberry cake garnished with chocolate-dipped strawberries. Sam, Procurement Assistant, secured the second-place position with a delectable vegan chocolate feast cake with mini chocolate brownies, whilst Sarah, Executive Assistant, claimed the third-place spot with her skillfully crafted vegan Limoncello cake with cream cheese filling.
"It was truly a tasty time for everyone involved. The creativity and enthusiasm displayed by our staff was impressive, and the competition added another level of fun," said Tom Hutton, Chief Finance Officer.
The event not only showcased the hidden talents of staff but also fostered a sense of camaraderie and teamwork. Such initiatives play a crucial role in creating a positive and vibrant work environment, promoting a healthy work-life balance.
Congratulations to all participants, with special recognition to Nicola, Sam, and Sarah for their outstanding contributions to the Rotherwood Bake Off. The success of this event leaves everyone eagerly anticipating the next opportunity to indulge in their culinary talents.