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The Rotherwood Times - Vol 18 - Winter 2023 - Digital Edition

Posted: 30-01-2024

Two elderly ladies sat in armchairs reading newspapers.

Joy, Jollity, and Jubilance

The Winter 2023 edition of The Rotherwood Times is here, bringing plenty of joy, jollity, and jubilance. Grab a copy and read the touching stories from across our Rotherwood community.

The Rotherwood Times is a company newspaper created with our residents at heart. Showcasing the inspiring activities, events, and news coming from each of our care homes in the Rotherwood Healthcare family. 
Produced seasonally since 2019, our ever-popular publication has become an integral part of Rotherwood culture; eagerly anticipated by our residents, for whom, reading a newspaper is part of a lifelong routine. 
To keep up to date with Rotherwood Healthcare news, you can pick up your latest copy from our care homes, alternatively, you can read a digital edition online.