What is residential care?

What is residential care?

Choosing residential care becomes a thoughtful decision for older individuals and their families when the solitude of living at home or the challenges of daily tasks become overwhelming. At Rotherwood, our approach to residential care centres on enhancing the quality of life for our residents. We create enriching, luxurious, and homely surroundings, tailoring care, activities, and services to meet each resident's unique needs and desires.

Sometimes known as personal care or sheltered accommodation, residential care is care provided in a Rotherwood home for people who may need help to live independently and need additional support but aren’t yet in need of nursing care. The team are on hand to care for residents 24 hours a day, and this could cover many elements of personal care, including:

  • Dressing
  • Bathing
  • Medication supervision
  • Shaving
  • Oral care
  • Going to the loo
  • Eating

In our residential care, every Rotherwood resident enjoys a private, furnished bedroom, some equipped with en-suite facilities and thoughtful design features for daily living. We provide telephone and internet access to stay connected with family, friends, and the outside world. While we offer assistance with bathing, dressing, and eating as needed, we emphasise reintroducing life's joys, fostering friendships, and nurturing hobbies and interests.

Our dedicated staff ensures residents receive support with engaging activities and meaningful experiences. Our chefs prepare a variety of delicious, seasonal home-cooked meals, focusing on taste and nutrition in every dish, from hearty roast dinners to freshly baked sweet treats.

Care staff are readily available to assist with daily life activities, and each resident receives personalised care plans that consider dietary preferences, hobbies, and life stories. Care homes at Rotherwood create a vibrant community, offering opportunities for socialisation and group activities to combat loneliness.

Moving into one of our homes doesn't mean leaving behind a previous life. We support residents to maintain independence while providing around-the-clock support, ensuring dignity in personal care.

To determine if Rotherwood is the right choice, we invite you to visit and experience the atmosphere firsthand. Meet our dedicated care teams and take a tour of your chosen home.

In partnership with residents and their relatives, we develop bespoke care plans encompassing health, wellbeing, emotional, social, and spiritual needs. To learn more about the closest Rotherwood home and how we can provide care for you or your loved one, reach out to any of our homes to schedule a visit at your convenience. Feel free to complete a contact form or call 0808 175 6408, and we'll be ready to assist you.