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Celebrating St George's Day

Posted: 23-04-2020

Celebrating St George's Day

Well it's fair to say that this St George's Day was very different to the one we were planning just a few short months ago.

We were blessed with the weather and made sure to have as much fun as we could. Local families with relatives at St George's Park were invited to drive by or watch us through our fence (it sounds odd when we say it but safety has to come first, of course. However, after the weeks of lockdown we thought it would be nice for relatives to see their loved ones having fun and enjoying the weather). We had a wonderful day and we all enjoyed ice cream and cakes, a boogie (as you'll see from the short video clips we've attached to this post) and a really good giggle.

However you chose to celebrate St George's Day we hope you had a good one. From all of us at St George's Park x