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Cosford Wives Christmas Choir Singing at St George’s

Posted: 06-12-2022

Ladies choir sings carols next to a Christmas tree

St George’s Park welcomed the Cosford Military Wives Choir on 3rd December to perform for residents and their families during the festive season.

Set up in 2012, the Cosford Military Wives meet once a week at ROF Cosford Chaplain Centre and perform a whole host of concerts throughout the year. 

Everyone gathered in the home’s reception to enjoy the Christmas carol singing whilst tucking into mince pies and mulled wine. The room was adorned with Christmas decorations and the team made an impressive tower from plastic champagne flutes. 
Holly Preece, the Lifestyle Coordinator at St George’s Park, said:
“Everyone had a lovely time seeing the choir perform again. It was a Christmas tradition to invite the Cosford Wives to perform before the pandemic, so after 3 years we’re pleased to welcome them back. The 19 choir singers took the time to speak to each of our residents and their families and we were all so impressed by their talented performance, we hope to see them again in 2023”. 
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