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Furry Farm Friends at Kington

Posted: 07-10-2022

An older lady pets a baby goat which is being held by a young lady.

On 6th October, Kington Court had some very special visitors – an incredibly cute collection of furry friends from Pentre Farm CIC in Presteigne!

Our residents were delighted to pet Pumpkin, Splodge and Buttons, the Guinea Pigs, meanwhile Dotty the Goat was in her absolute element with the fuss and attention she was getting from everyone. At just 6 months old, Dotty was still being bottle-fed and was extremely friendly – if a little bit mischievous!!
Lotty, the Donkey, who is 12 years old, enjoyed being brushed and stroked and even found the time to make visits to the rooms of a few of the residents for some 1-2-1 therapy time. 
Sam Webb, the owner of Pentre Farm was allocated funding by the National Lottery, and this made this particularly enriching visit to Kington possible. Staff and residents were incredibly grateful and would certainly love to see Sam and their new-found furry friends again very soon!!

Pet therapy is an important part of our lifestyle program at Kington Court Nursing Home