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Dorset House Christmas Party

Posted: 20-12-2021

Dorset House Christmas Party

16th December was the date to remember - The Dorset House Christmas Party!

Head Chef, Marion, cooked a three-course meal with ever-popular roast turkey for the main dish. Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to invite friends and family this year due to Covid – so instead they invited those staff members who were either starting or finishing their shift. It was great for the team members to spend additional quality time chatting to the residents and the friendly, social interaction was very much appreciated. Lifestyle Coordinator, Lisa, served up the festive culinary delights and then changed into a rather delightful Rudolph onesie to reveal the answers to the fun quiz which had been set out on the table alongside the Christmas crackers. The overall winner of the quiz was Ruth who was very pleased with her prize of chocolate shells. 
It was a double celebration since it was also Jill the Administrator’s Birthday. She took the opportunity to sit with Betty as she enjoys her social interactions with the residents and likes to hear the stores they want to share. 
After all the food, drink and quizzing, the residents were exhausted and most were caught dozing off to sleep in true Christmas Day tradition!