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Final Update on the Shropshire Star Toy Appeal

Posted: 16-01-2020

Final Update on the Shropshire Star Toy Appeal

As you know Roden Hall and St George's Park joined forces to collect in donated toys and support the Shropshire Star Toy Appeal. The Appeal saw 1,000 gifts shared out between five different groups that work with children of all ages who might otherwise find the festive season a difficult time of year.

Across our two homes in Shropshire and Head Office we collected in over 100 toys and were delighted to take part. Sue Last of Telford Young Carers put it brilliantly when she said in the last newspaper article covering the Appeal, "it's just a special time of year, and being able to give [the kids] these presents allow the kids to be kids, rather than carers".

Thank you to everyone who took part.