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Hampton Grange and Gwen Walford Partnering with Hereford Food Bank

Posted: 20-05-2021

Hampton Grange and Gwen Walford Partnering with Hereford Food Bank

Hereford’s local Food Bank recently reached out for volunteer drivers to assist them with collecting donations from supermarkets in the area and dropping them off at their hub. The Manager at Hampton Grange Nursing Home and Gwen Walford Nursing Home, Dan Bridges, saw this as an opportunity to support the community and offered the help of a staff member for a few hours per week. Of course, the Food Bank staff were very grateful for the offer of regular help from the homes.

The homes have also partnered with a local Morrison’s to become a food bank drop off point themselves. The supermarket has provided the homes with a trolley so staff and visitors to the homes can donate their non-perishable goods. This ties in nicely with the home volunteering to drive for the food bank as well! The homes are hoping to fill their trolley regularly.

The Home Manager, Dan,  said “we donated to the Hereford Food Bank in January, but we realised that this should be an ongoing conversation and something we do regularly to support our community and those in need. Many people give to food banks at Christmas, and we didn’t want them to be forgotten about for the rest of the year. Partnering with the food bank and Morrison’s in this way has allowed us to give back on a weekly basis.." It’s important to the homes to be part of the local community. For residents at Hampton Grange and Gwen Walford this means they can be part of something like this and do their bit even though they might not be able to go about doing it themselves. It’s a real team effort for the staff and residents to come together and do something good for their neighbours.