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Hampton Grange Honours Our Heroes

Posted: 26-11-2021

Hampton Grange Honours Our Heroes

Hampton Grange Nursing Home engages in a whole host of Remembrance Day activities each year to honour our fallen servicemen. The Hampton Grange building itself has long been associated with the armed forces having previously been used as a military hospital during the Second World War.

Residents were eager to engage in an array of crafts in the lead up to the day.  Staff and residents had patiently sewn 2500 poppies into a net which beautifully cascades out of the Hampton Grange building like a river of poppies and contrasts the medieval-style frontage of the Victorian building. 
For Remembrance Day, everyone congregated at 11am for a two-minute silence – a moment which was particularly poignant for resident Eric who was in the Royal Navy during the Second World War and on a ship during D-Day. Residents gathered around on Remembrance Sunday to eagerly watch the Royals at the Cenotaph and the televised Remembrance Day church service. Afterwards, they all reminisced of wartime memories over hot drinks and teacakes. 
The care home’s Lifestyle Coordinator said: “Remembrance Day is extremely special to our residents; it is great to see the residents reminisce and talk about their wartime experiences. At Hampton Grange, we like to keep residents engaged and inspired and as we move into December, the residents look forward to a full schedule of inspiring festive activities including ‘Elf Day’ fancy dress and Christmas crafts.”