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Harmony in Harvest: A Day of Laughter, Music, and Community Spirit at Kington Court

Posted: 04-10-2023

Two ladies and a man stand behind Harvest Festival food donations

What a wonderful day of celebration we had during our Harvest Festival event!

The morning was filled with laughter and music as the delightful children from Little Orchard Nursery paid us a visit. Their voices resonated with joy as they sang food and farm-related songs, including the cheerful tune "Here We Go Round the Blackberry Bush" after their blackberry picking adventure. We played delightful food idioms games, with phrases like "going bananas" and "bun in the oven." The farmers among our residents particularly enjoyed the corn/maize picture session, guessing and reminiscing about their farming days.

In the spirit of the harvest, we ventured into the beautiful Kington Court garden, collecting flower heads and vines. Residents had a delightful time guessing the names of these natural treasures. 

Our kitchen team prepared a seasonal lunch, featuring deliciously decorated cakes. We held an engaging harvest quiz, and congratulations to our five lucky winners who received potted Cyclamen plants, pictured Barbara Bills proudly accepting her prize.

Later in the day, we gathered for a heartfelt Church service, filled with soul-stirring hymns and the warmth of community. As a symbol of our gratitude and community spirit, the Kington branch of the Hereford Food Bank visited us, accepting our collection that will undoubtedly make a significant difference in the lives of those in need.