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Harvest Harmony: A Heartfelt Day of Gratitude, Music, and Generosity

Posted: 04-10-2023

Reverend stood in front of Harvest Festival donated goods

Our Harvest Festival began on a heartfelt note with a beautiful church service led by Rev Kevin Evans of Wombridge Church, delivering a touching service that reminded us of the profound meaning behind our harvest celebrations.

During the service, Rev Evans ingeniously highlighted the humble Jammy Dodgers, emphasising how every component of this beloved treat originates from the harvest. It was a reminder to give thanks not only for our food but also for the hard work of farmers and all those in the food industry.

The afternoon was filled with joy as our residents, families, visitors, and staff came together. A heartfelt thank you to Kerry Young for gracing us with her beautiful voice. Charming Harold became the ladies' man of the day, spreading smiles as he danced with everyone, while John and Elizabeth enjoyed a delightful waltz. 

Our kitchen team outdid themselves with a delectable spread of sandwiches, pies, soup, and amazing scones and cakes that were simply divine.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to our food collection for the Harvest Festival. Karen and Mia delivered all your generous donations to the Shrewsbury Food Hub, and their gratitude was overwhelming.