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Lifestyle Teams Partake in Minibus Training

Posted: 14-08-2023

Care home workers stand in front of a mini bus with their minibus training certificates

Rotherwood Healthcare, an award-winning care home provider across Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire, has recently provided a thorough training programme for its Lifestyle Teams aimed at ensuring the safety and security of residents during outings in the new fleet of minibuses.

The training was conducted on-site at Dorset House Nursing Home in Droitwich Spa and was delivered by Fleximobility, a recognised authority in mobility solutions.  The course was designed to address the unique needs and challenges of securing residents during transit while ensuring the safety and comfort of residents with disabilities. The Lifestyle Teams acquired a comprehensive knowledge of legislation and developed practical techniques to secure various types of wheelchairs.
Participants  included the Lifestyle Coordinator, Nicky Thomas, and Lifestyle Assistant, Sally-Anne Hook, from Hampton Grange and Gwen Walford; Lifestyle Coordinator, Mary Ayles, from Lynhales Hall; Lifestyle Coordinator, Holly Preece, and Lifestyle Assistant, Yvonne Williams-Hamilton, from St George’s Park; Lifestyle Coordinator, Lisa Davies, from Dorset House, and Lifestyle Coordinator, Karen Robinson, from Roden Hall.
The Head of People at Rotherwood, Emma Oldershaw, said:
“Rotherwood’s commitment to staff learning and development is demonstrated through initiatives like our minibus safety training. This practical course has equipped our team with the necessary skills to deliver exceptional care for our residents. It is our mission to enrich the lives of the older generation and providing the relevant tools and knowledge to ensure resident safety during outings is a key part of realising our mission.”
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