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More Thanks… This Time from St George’s Park

Posted: 26-03-2020

More Thanks… This Time from St George’s Park

Yesterday we had a donations of lots of eggs and some crisps.

The Compass Group contacted us about making the donation after two of its large corporate clients closed their doors during the Coronavirus meaning that their catering departments would no longer be using them. Not wishing them to go to waste Compass Group contacted us and we said, “Yes please!”

Our cook is going to be very busy making cakes and also ensuring that there are plenty of eggs available at breakfast. In fact this photo shows one of our residents, John Green, pictured with just some of the donated eggs.  John really enjoyed eating his chucky eggs and soldiers which was entirely fitting as he used to be a solider – in fact John was a Major in the British Army.

Huge thanks to Compass Group for a thoughtful gift which is going to give so much pleasure to so many of our residents. Thank you, thank you, thank you!