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Purpose Walk Planning Permission for St George's

Posted: 29-11-2021

Purpose Walk Planning Permission for St George's

St George’s Park are delighted to unveil some very exciting plans for a new lounge and Sensory Purpose Walk. Planning permission has just very recently been received therefore we are now allowed to reveal some of the details.

Whilst the boardwalk will remain simple and uncluttered to emphasise the south-facing aspect and beautiful views, the main courtyard will have familiar street furniture and signage to mirror that of a village or town centre. There will be gentle cues to direct the residents as they enjoy their stroll, and even some illuminated signs with memory-evoking advertising or film posters displayed on them.
This will no doubt be a popular place for residents to socialise, so we’ve designed a large central space which can be used for outdoor events and activities. There’s a relaxing self-contained water feature and a covered pergola with outdoor speakers to play low-volume music and radio, a combination which is perfect for those who want to immerse themselves in this sensory experience. Of course, we’ve also considered those individuals who still prefer to be a bit more ‘active’ in their activities and, just for them, there’s going to be a working garden with tools, potting bench and raised beds for planting.
As is usually the case – certainly within Rotherwood homes – it’s the finer, high quality details that make projects such as this work so well. Our high standards, and mission to provide truly inspiring leisure spaces, means that nothing has been spared in creating the perfect environment for everyone to enjoy. To instil a sense of comfort we have chosen subtle, calming and warm colours, whilst at the same time we will introduce a feeling of familiarity in our signage and furniture. We hope that this well-thought-out approach will mean that every resident, regardless of their condition or mobility, can use the space safely and will feel empowered by the opportunity to make their own choices.