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St George’s Park Committed to Dementia Care

Posted: 06-04-2022

St George’s Park Committed to Dementia Care

St George’s Park Nursing Home implements a fulfilling programme of Dementia-friendly activities and person-centred care to enrich the lives of residents living with Dementia and other complex needs.

From the daily ‘Chit Chat Club’ where residents interact and reminisce of their longer-term memories – a valuable way for care staff to understand who residents were, what they enjoy and respond to. Residents living with Dementia thrive during sensory stimulation sessions, as well as looking at old cards and household products which they associate with home and familiarity. ‘The Daily Sparkle’ Dementia newspaper is a favourite amongst residents, with daily activities enclosed including Dementia-friendly wordsearches and puzzles to encourage cognitive stimulation. 
In January, St George’s Park took part in ‘Game Over Dementia’ with the Alzheimer’s Society where residents played various games to evoke memories, as well as the ‘The British Garden Bird Watch’ which had residents captivated by their natural surroundings.  
According to Lifestyle Coordinator Holly: “Residents’ families worry that their loved ones may become distressed during social activities or isolated and just sat watching the television. We tailor activities based on the resident’s needs, if they are over stimulated by group activities, we will take residents in the garden for quiet time or play music. We make sure that residents aren’t just left watching television - that they are leading as fulfilled lifestyle as possible.”
The garden will soon be undergoing an exciting development with the creation of a sensory purpose-walk, designed to create familiarity with street park signs and telephone boxes, as well as a continuous pathway of fragrant blooms.
Recognised for its commitment to Dementia Care, St George’s Park has been a finalist for ‘Best for Specialist Care (Including Respite, Dementia, Stroke and Mental Health)’ at the Care Home Awards for the past two years, receiving the High Commendation in 2021. 
St George’s Park provides specialist Dementia and Nursing Care. To find out more, please contact 01952 619850.