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Taking Trips from Hampton and Gwen

Posted: 20-01-2023

Taking Trips from Hampton and Gwen

For many people moving into care, being able to take trips out and continue with their favourite pastimes, rituals and hobbies is highly important.

Whilst Hampton Grange and Gwen Walford Nursing Homes offer a motivating programme of activities and entertainment, the team recognises the importance of taking activities away from the home to maintain a sense of independence and normality for residents. Whether it be taking a trip to post a letter, doing some shopping in the town centre, or visiting a local theatre - the care home staff will try to support residents’ lifestyle choices wherever possible. 
When Gwen Walford resident, David, hand-wrote a letter, he was keen to take a trip to the local post-box and enjoy the warm winter sunshine. With the support of staff, Thomas at Hampton Grange has re-joined the Hereford Welsh Club, having been a member for over 60 years previously. He is thrilled to be reunited with his old club friends over beer and games. 
Taking a shopping trip in Hereford Town Centre is an important pastime for Margaret from Gwen Walford, who loves the buzz of being around people and finding herself a bargain. Throughout the year, the home’s lifestyle team take residents to see productions at the Courtyard Theatre in Hereford, where residents delight at the entertainment, but also soak up the lively atmosphere. 
As shown, living in a care home needn’t stop residents from taking trips out, continuing their hobbies and maintaining their individuality. Operated by Rotherwood Healthcare, Hampton Grange offers Nursing and Dementia Care, whilst Gwen Walford offers Residential and Nursing Care. For more information, call 01432 272418, or visit, or