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Telford Nursing Home Joins Forces with the Local Scouts for Coronation Celebrations

Posted: 10-05-2023

Resident admires food buffet

St George’s Park Nursing Home in Telford had an action-packed itinerary for the Coronation weekend.

The Second Wombridge Scouts were invited to watch the Coronation service on 6th May alongside the residents. ‘JD Magic’ provided entertainment ahead of the service before a Coronation buffet was served in the afternoon. Staff were suitably dressed in ‘red, white and blue’ for the occasion. The home’s Lifestyle Coordinator, Holly, created Coronation favours from badges and cups, and wheeled around a union-jack-themed trolley of snacks and refreshments. 
On 7th May, staff and residents enjoyed a Coronation tea party in the home’s gardens. After hand-painting union-jacks onto pebbles, the residents placed them at the base of the Platinum Jubilee tree in the home’s grounds as they reminisced of the late Queen. The home’s hairdresser visited the home on Bank Holiday Monday to style hair and provide some much-needed rejuvenation and relaxation after a busy weekend. 
Holly Preece, the Lifestyle Coordinator at St George’s Park, said:
“It was great to share such a significant moment in history with the local community. The Scouts loved seeing our residents will hopefully remember the Coronation long into the future. Many of our residents are living with Dementia, but the Coronation was a source of nostalgia as our residents reminisced on the late Queen.”
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