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Rotherwood to the Rescue at Gwen Walford

Posted: 25-10-2022

Healthcare Workers help to push broken down car in Gwen Walford's carpark

When physiotherapist, Beth Mills’, car battery died in the Gwen Walford carpark, the staff at Gwen Walford rose to the challenge of getting Beth’s car started.

Beth hadn’t seen any patients at the home that day and had simply stopped her car to write up some notes between visits. 
Only too happy to help, the Home Manager, Louise Craddock, proceeded to rally together three care staff and a chef, successfully giving Beth’s car a push start. 
Beth said: “These people are certainly in the right jobs; they couldn't have been more helpful and kind…So refreshing to meet genuinely good and selfless people.”
Operated by Rotherwood Healthcare, Gwen Walford is proud to employ staff who demonstrate Rotherwood’s core values: Committed, Caring, Polite, Kind, Respectful, Passionate and Compassionate. The team at Gwen Walford certainly displayed those values that day. 
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