• Roden Hall Care Home in Shropshire
  • Roden Hall Care Home in Shropshire
  • Roden Hall Care Home in Shropshire

Roden Hall Care Home in Shropshire

What can I expect from Roden Hall care home?

Located within 3 acres of grounds in the picturesque village of Roden in Shropshire, you will find Roden Hall care home.

This luxury residential and nursing home has been designed and built entirely for individual lifestyle needs. With 68 beautifully appointed suites, furnished to the highest specification, you will find an array of enticing facilities. Our residents can choose to socialise and spend their all-important leisure time in so many different ways. We have a theatre and cinema room, café, pub, library areas, as well as a hair and nail salon.

Dining is a personalised experience too, with enticing menus enjoyed in both formal and informal settings – even outdoors on the terrace. Our dedicated Lifestyle Coordinators organise a wide range of activities for all tastes and abilities. For those wishing to attend appointments or meet with friends in town, there’s also a chauffeur-driven Mercedes available to ensure your arrival in style!


What types of care are offered at Roden Hall care home?

Roden Hall care home provides the highest quality of residential and nursing care, delivered compassionately by highly experienced staff, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. With 33 residential suites and 35 nursing suites, this is a truly personalised level of care with luxurious touches.

Our different types of care include:

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A message from the manager of the Roden Hall care home

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Rebecca Jones


As the Home Manager, I love to nurture relationships with residents and families and ensure our residents have the best quality of life in our home.

Services available at Roden Hall

To enhance our residents' experience and ensure their time with us is enjoyable, Roden Hall offers a variety of services. A list of these services include:

  • Chauffer service
  • Laundry
  • Newspapers

Facilities available at Roden Hall

As you might have seen above, at Roden Hall we’re proud of the beautiful facilities we have available to our residents. We know they love it just as much as we do! A list of these facilities includes:

  • Craft room
  • Hair & nail salon
  • Theatre & cinema room
  • Balconies
  • Berrington’s Café
  • Kitchen diners
Inspiring an active lifestyle
Inspiring an active lifestyle
Inspiring an active lifestyle

Inspiring an active lifestyle

Our residents at Roden Hall enjoy a plethora of engaging activities . Our committed and creative team of Lifestyle Coordinators ensures that the activities offered are not only diverse but also personalised to the unique preferences of our residents.

The devoted Lifestyle Coordinators at Roden Hall strive to introduce as much variety as possible in activities and entertainment. In addition to catering to existing hobbies and interests, they curate a broad array of inclusive and enticing sessions, including the popular breakfast club, pamper days, Boccia, and engaging school visits.

While everyone maximises their indoor time, the enthusiastic team is always available to assist residents in taking leisurely strolls outdoors in the beautiful gardens or organising outings using the home's minibus for a visit to the garden centre or a bit of shopping.

Building and sustaining community connections are integral to life at Roden Hall, and residents, staff, family, and friends actively participate and host numerous local celebrations and charity events.

Download a sample of our lifestyle programme

Explore the diverse activities available at Roden Hall care home:

  • Crafting
  • Visiting Performers
  • Get up and go sessions
  • Games
  • Afternoon tea
  • Regular outings
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Enticing dining experiences at Roden Hall

Dining at Roden Hall is more than just a meal—it's an occasion designed to enhance the overall experience for our residents. Beyond providing a personalised touch, our aim is to create a genuinely enticing dining atmosphere. This approach empowers residents to choose how, where, and when they wish to enjoy their meals, ensuring that mealtimes are not only accommodating but also an integral part of their overall enjoyment.

Whether residents prefer to relish their meals in the privacy of their rooms or join friends and family in the inviting communal dining room, our attentive staff goes the extra mile to cater to their individual preferences. The commitment extends to accommodating all dietary requirements and special diets. Every effort is made to fulfill the unique wants and needs of each resident, guaranteeing that every meal is a delightful combination of flavour and nutrition.

Download our sample menu